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Referral Program:

Paid2Watch referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with our funny videos! Refer friends, make them smile and receive... 10% of their earnings for life!
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How it works?

Clicking on the above url will take you to Select any video from the list and watch to earn.As these are a collection of funny videos you will surely enjoy and as you watch you will earn. Once you are done, watch other videos and earn more. You are allowed to watch any number of videos.
That's not all, you can get your friends earn cash for you too. Share the url of any video (you can get url from the address bar) with your friends, post them on social networks, forums and just about anywhere and make them earn for you. The beauty of the site, every video your friends watch you earn cash and your friends need not know you earn by sharing. Hence we keep the site clean from dollars, share it without inhibitions, the more they watch the more you earn.
The potential of earnings is huge, just imagine 10 of your friends watching 10 videos each is equivalent to you watching 100 videos and your balance increases 100 fold. What are you waiting for... 

Rules to Remember: 

  • You earn for every 1000 views (eCPM) on your link based on below categories.
    Countries eCPM
    U.S.A, Canada, Great Britain $ 0.30
    Netherlands,France,Europe,Israel $ 0.20
    All other Countries $ 0.10
  • You need to watch the video for minimum 10 secs to earn.
  • You will not earn for watching same video simultaneously.
  • You will not earn for watching deactivated videos.
  • You can view your earnings in the accounts page.
  • You need to convert the cash to Main balance to cashout.
  • Do not share the link on porn, warez, illegal sites. This is strictly forbidden and account will be suspended if non-complaint.

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